Vineyard Church of San Antonio is affiliated with the Association of Vineyard Churches.  Find out more about  Vineyard International and  Vineyard USA  .

The Vineyard Church is part of the great family of God. We are seeking to become like Jesus in all things, through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. As we experience God’s great love for us, we love Him, we love one another, and we love His lost and hurting world.

 Vineyard Church of San Antonio is led by a team of dedicated followers of Christ.  Like Paul in the New Testament, we are tent makers: we serve our church family while carrying full-time jobs outside the church.  We are: teachers, bookkeepers, analysts, doctors, stay-at-home mothers, sales representatives, gardeners, artists, students, nurses, soldiers….

Some of us were born into faith; others stumbled upon faith later in life.  We are committed to Christ, His Church, and His Cause.  Together we walk out that commitment in 21st Century America.  Not an easy thing to do, as I imagine you have discovered.

The Vineyard Church of San Antonio is a relationship-based church, connecting people to our beautiful God, to one another, the church, and to our community.

With us, you will experience God, encounter friendships, and embrace healing and love.

Our church community is diverse, consisting of American, Panamanian, Ethiopian, Indian, Cuban, Mexican, British, Chinese, Korean, Kenyan, Taiwanese, German, Venezuelan, and Puerto Rican (getting a picture of what Sunday mornings looks like?) … all seeking to love Jesus, our King.

In the 1980’s, Randy and Clara Maranville, our founding pastors, participated in the first Vineyard Church in Yorba Linda, pastored by John Wimber.  A few years later, they moved from California to Phoenix, Arizona, to support Vineyard church planting efforts.  In 1995, they moved again to San Antonio, Texas, to plant a Vineyard church in our Alamo city.

Since the founding of Vineyard Church of San Antonio, we have been passionate about international evangelism. That passion plays a significant role in our church.  We have sent short-term teams, and support full-time missionaries, in a variety of nations, including Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Hungary, Kenya, Spain, France, Nepal, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, China, and the Philippines. We believe every nation deserves to experience God’s love through His people.

Join us, as we discover and walk-out our love for God across the world and across our city.